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Raising the bar

Impress your dessert-loving diners this Christmas by serving up these beautiful bar gateaux from Country Range.

These impressive looking gateaux are exclusive to Country Range and can be served to fit various dessert menu options. One slice, containing 2 profiteroles, provides a generous portion, perfect for sharing. Or halve the slice and serve on a decadently dressed plate. Single profiterole portions also work well as a sweet option on a buffet table.
Chocolate and Raspberry Bar Gateau
Rich chocolate sponge, raspberry compote and white chocolate truffle studded with raspberries, topped with 20 profiteroles, dark chocolate mousse and crunchy chocolate shavings.
.Salted Caramel Profiterole Bar Gateau
Layers of chocolate sponge with chocolate truffle, Irish cream mousse and salted caramel, garnished with 20 profiteroles and a cocoa dusting.