2 minutes Inspiration

Six Hydration Heros

With the temperatures increasing, fluids are vital this month for all-round health and to stop the very real risk and dangers of dehydration, especially in the very young and old. While H2O is the hydrating head honcho, it’s not the most exciting of liquids, so here are some creative tips to ensure your menu has hydrous qualities to refresh, revitalise and rejuvenate this August.


Helping guests, students and patients tick off their five-a-day, whilst also boosting water intake, a stirring
selection of smoothies is a great way to entice all ages to hydrate. Why not try this super summer smoothie that is a crowd-pleasing twist on our popular Hummingbird Cake?.

Homemade Lemonade

Thought to have first been consumed by the Egyptians in the 12th century, lemon drinks soon
became Europe’s latest squeeze and rather than just being known for their health and hydrating properties, they quickly became a central part of summer refreshment. This recipe is simply the zest!

Ice Lollies

Imaginative ice lollies made with real fruit are another way to quietly introduce fluids into guests, whilst also providing a five-a-day boost. Try our Country Range Frozen Summer Fruits for a super solution all year round.

Fresh Fruit

Pineapple, melon, mangoes, oranges, apples, blackberries, strawberries, tomatoes and peaches all have over 80% water content so make sure you have fresh fruit available at all times. Try setting fruit in Country Range Jelly Crystals for an extra hydrating snack.


Cucumber, lettuce, cabbage, celery and tomatoes are also hero hydrators so sumptuous salads are another good shout for the summer.

Rice and Pasta

A good way to boost wholegrain intake, pasta and rice absorb water during the cooking process meaning
they have hydrating properties. Try our Country Range Wholegrain Rice in a simple, summer fried rice or our Penne Pasta Quills alongside a medley of seasonal or even homegrown tomatoes or courgettes.

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