1 minute Inspiration

The Crème de la Crème

As students, patients, customers and gusts scram out for some affordable luxury to help beat the January blues and economic woes, our new Crème de la Crème Mixes are rolling out just in time.

Available in chocolate and plain, the easy-to-use, delicious duo offer the ultimate in versatility. Th superior smooth batter holds its shape beautifully, complementing an endless selection of special additions, colours and flavours.

Conforming to the 2024 HFSS salt guidelines, chefs and backers also have the option of adding oil or butter to the mix for a more premium finish or water for a cost-effective option.

So whether it’s tray bakes, sheet cakes, loaf cakes, muffins, round cakes, cupcakes, steam pudding, brownies or something else, it’s time to introduce yourself to the new Crème de la Crème of cake mixes.