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The Summer Breakfast Opportunity

While touted as the most important meal of the day, breakfast was often a meal rushed, missed or certainly down the list of importance when it came to eating occasions.

Thankfully, that has all changed and now there is a newfound respect and excitement around breakfast which is only going to build this summer.

You can be certain that for kitchens to survive and thrive in the coming months, they will need to make the most of every dining occasion, across all day parts.

Here we’ve broken down the latest consumer trends to help support you to create the perfect breakfast offer:


Even before the pandemic, the trend for healthy living and eating was growing. This has only increased in the last year with more and more people looking to keep fit. Make sure you have the food and drinks to fuel and reward this health-conscious crowd. In care homes a healthy, fortified breakfast can give residents a big boost in the morning. Offering a variety of drink options such as our Summer Fruit Smoothie made with Country Range Frozen Summer Fruits as well as a breakfast food dish can help to increase intake of essential vitamins, fluid and calories.


This summer will be dominated by reconnecting with friends, family and loved ones. With many opting for breakfast or brunch, instead of the big Sunday roast or night time drinks, there is a great opportunity for kitchens to pull out all of the stops. Mix it up with some savoury and sweet specials such as our Yogurt Pancakes or Potato Cakes with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese recipes.


A newfound love of the outdoors for many, means local parks and commons will still be popular breakfast dining venues so make sure your menu has takeaway options, smoothies and coffee to-go.

Go Global

People are desperate for sea, sand, surf and serene scenery abroad so cater for these whims by showcasing some classic international twists on breakfasts. Consider using global inspired flavours and formats in both a sweet and savoury option. For a savoury option our Baked Mexican Egg recipe uses Country Range Medium Free Range Eggs, Country Range Tomato and Basil Sauce and a variety of the Country Range herbs and spices. For a sweet option recreate our indulgent Bombay Spiced French Toast recipe which includes the Country Range Natural Yoghurt, Country Range Coconut Milk and Country Range Medium Free Range Eggs.

Themed Breakfasts

Go the extra mile and run some themed breakfasts in the month of May, as there are plenty of occasions coming up. Think bottomless brunches or breakfast’s for the bank holiday weekends, a mexican inspired breakfast or brunch for Cinco de Mayo, or even a sport or charity related breakfast event.