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Waste not, want not

The movement to reduce food waste has been increasing in power and reach. Chefs have been at the forefront of the revolution by showcasing how to get the most out of every ingredient and wasting nothing. It’s not just about saving the environment and working in a more sustainable way but it’s about great taste and good business sense as well.

Baz Comley, Country Range customer and head chef at The Corner House Hotel, said:

“We’re very proud of the fact that we utilise every ingredient to the max and are always looking to reduce waste. It’s good for the business but you will quickly find that you can also improve depth of flavour in dishes. A little creativity can turn food waste into real taste.”

The 28th April signifies Stop Food Waste Day so there is no better time to analyse what you’re doing and see how you can improve. You could follow your extra special lamb dishes over the Easter weekend with a delicious curry offer with this delicious Lamb Tikka Masala as one of your menu options to dine-in or takeaway.

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