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Breakfast Essentials

When it comes to dining out of the home, breakfast is one of the most diverse meals as diners are just as like to opt for a grab-and-go option (especially on weekdays) as they are to choose a sit-down meal. Whichever market you cater to, certain ingredients are vital to breakfast service as they make up many of the items that have become popular with diners over the years.

Pork Sausages

Despite the general overall trend in cutting down in meat consumption, for most diners meat is still a key part of their breakfast order – especially when it comes to a traditional fry-up that’s often a popular choice on weekends. According to research carried out by Kantar for The Grocer in 2019, a full English breakfast is the most popular hot breakfast option with 43% of respondents stating that it was their favourite. Because of this, Country Range Pork Sausages are a staple product for any catering establishment that serves breakfast or brunch. Even those who server the grab-and-go market will find themselves using plenty of sausages during the morning rush with the popularity of sandwiches.

Free Range Eggs

There’s arguably no ingredients more essential to breakfast items than free range eggs. Present in nearly every menu item, whether sweet or savoury, they are always a big hit with diners, whichever way they prefer to have theirs.

From the classic full English breakfast to more continental dishes like Eggs Benedict, and even breakfast items that contain eggs, like pancakes, they are a must-have item for any professional kitchen.


A strong favourite of the grab-and-go market, bagels are perfect for eating on the move thanks to their resilient texture that will travel far better than a sandwich. As for restaurants, bagels offer a premium alternative to sandwiches, especially if they are cleverly paired with equally premium ingredients. Bagels also work perfectly with brunch classics such as poached eggs and smashed avocado or smoked salmon.


Both natural and Greek style natural yogurt have been staples of breakfast dining for years due to their versatility and healthy nature. They can be served in several different ways, and are often the easiest to adapt to the latest food trends – such as breakfast bowls. Whether it’s a bircher muesli, a yogurt and fruit dish or something totally unexpected, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a dining establishment which doesn’t offer some sort of yogurt dish on its breakfast menu. When it’s not the star of the show, natural yogurt can also be used to make these delicious yogurt pancakes for a  healthier take on fluffy stack of American-style pancakes.

Unsalted Butter

By no means the star of the show, unsalted butter is no less essential than any other item we have mentioned so far. A vital ingredient for pastries and cooked breakfasts, no professional kitchen would be complete without it. Think of crumpets or toast without breakfast, or all those breakfast pastries that you would not be able to bake in-house if you didn’t have unsalted butter in your kitchen.

Hot and Cold Beverages

No breakfast is completed without the customary beverages to accompany it. Whether someone prefers a strong coffee or a traditional cup of tea, one thing is for certain, dinners lover a hot drink to have along with their breakfast. Both dining establishments and those catering to the grab-and-go market will find plenty of demand for teas and coffees and should, therefore, carry at least a basic range of both.

You can’t forget about cold beverages either. In the case of sit-down meals, these are usually present alongside hot drinks, while those eating on the will most likely choose either a bottle of water, juice, or a hot drink to accompany their food selection. The essential selection of breakfast juices should include orange juice and apple juice as a minimum, although most establishments offer cranberry juice and pineapple juice alongside these.