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Country Range Flour Tortilla Wraps

We got very wrapped up in our new launches this month!

With the number of wrap and tortilla dishes on mainstream menus increasing by 9% over the last 3 years*, these versatile ingredients are a simple way to keep your menu offering fresh. Tortilla wraps can be used across all day parts – fill with eggs and bacon for an alternative breakfast sandwich, or tap into the street food trend by serving a wrapped burrito – great for food on the go. Having Mexican on your menu means you can use this one base ingredient to create a multitude of dishes – from fajitas to burritos to quesadillas. They also make a great carrier for fillings, such as smoked salmon or roasted vegetables. Simply fill, roll and slice and serve on afternoon tea trays in place of or alongside a regular sandwich. Country Range Tortilla Wraps are available in two sizes. The 10” wraps are packed 50 to a box and the 12” wraps are packed 100 to a box. They’re frozen for convenience and as they come wrapped in packs of 10, you can defrost a pack as required, meaning less wastage.We have a selection of products that complement our new launches. Pulled pork (4 x 1kg) is still a firm favourite on menus and is a great filling for burritos, whilst our fajita seasoning mix (450g) packs just the right amount of punch for an authentic Mexican taste.

Our development chef, Paul Dickson, raved about the quality. ‘The tortilla wraps are really easy to work with. They’re flexible so great for rolling up into burritos etc, plus they didn’t dry out around the edges when warmed.’

Tortilla wraps are most commonly associated with savoury dishes, but with a little bit of chocolate and a sprinkling of imagination, they can be transformed into an ice-cream treat. Click here to get the recipe for these tortilla ice cream cones.

  • Frozen 12″ Tortilla Wraps 10 x 10
  • Frozen 10″ Tortilla Wraos 5 x 10

*Horizons Menurama Winter Menu 2015