1 minute Inspiration

Keep safe this Halloween – add more garlic!

Halloween is a much-celebrated holiday in the US, with Americans celebrating in style each year. We’re slowly seeing the enthusiasm for this day spread across the pond and you can link in with this by theming your menus or certain dishes.

A great way to enhance the flavour of meals, but also, and more importantly this month, to keep the vampires at bay.
With 6 products to choose from, we can keep your customers safe…

  • Garlic Purée 1kg
  • Garlic Granules 560g
  • Garlic Powder 550g
  • Garlic Salt 1.2kg
  • Minced Garlic 600g
  • Garlic Bread Slices 150 x 26g

So make sure it features heavily on your menus.

Soups are great way to do this.  This recipe for butter bean soup contains a healthy teaspoon of garlic purée.

Or serve up pumpkin soup with a side of garlic bread.