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New From Country Range March 2024

March is a busy month, starting with St David’s Day, British Pie Week, Food Waste Action Week and then followed by Mother’s Day, the first day of spring and Easter to finish, but the opportunities to be creative are endless.

NEW – Country Range King Prawns

We’re launching our new King Prawns. Perfect for putting a modern twist on the classic prawn cocktail. Or how about spicing things up with these King Prawn Satay Skewers. Sustainably sourced and farmed in warm tropical waters, our King Prawns are IQF frozen within hours of harvest, guaranteeing the freshest and finest quality. Available in two sizes, they’re raw, peeled and deveined for ease of use.

Spring Into Action This March – Upcoming Food Celebrations!

National Nutrition Month

A great month to launch some nutritious dishes, this recipe is for the ultimate brain and body boosting granola breakfast bars, made wholly with Country Range store cupboard ingredients.

Pie Week 4th – 10th March

Great for utilising food leftovers, cheaper cuts of meat, the first of the new season spring produce or to simply showcase your pie creativity, it’s time for these deliciously filled pastry parcels to take centre stage once again as British Pie Week kicks off. Our versatile, ready-to-use Puff and Shortcrust Pastry Blocks, plus our Suet Pastry Mix, provide pastry perfection every time and our store cupboard flours, seasonings, spices, stocks and sauces will give you all the tools for terrific tasting pies. For some South American inspiration, why not whizz up some of these smoky, sweet and spicy empañadas.

Food Waste Action Week 4th – 10th March

Huge strides have been made by chefs to reduce food waste, which is not only good for the environment but also good for business. As Food Waste Action Week returns it’s another brilliant opportunity to highlight your zero waste skills and also bring your guests and diners along with you so they can start making positive changes at home. To celebrate this year’s special week, check out our video with tips on how to make a delicious cherry ice cream using a broken piece of our cherry pie. Perfect for Pie Week too! For more information on how you can get involved, visit www.lovefoodhatewaste.com.

Mother’s Day – 10th March

Mother’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year for many chefs and caterers. It comes early this year on the 10th March so it’s the time to make magic for the matriarchs. The recipe for success (as always) includes the finest ingredients and a good dose of inventiveness. It could be a special dish or sweet, an exquisite three-course menu, an on-trend tasting menu or even a champagne brunch. Whatever you have planned, mum deserves the best. For a super starter, why not create this seasonal Pea and Spring Onion Soup or for a decadent dessert, try this fantastic Rhubarb Queen of Puddings.


Our first Easter in March since 2016, Easter Sunday falls on the 31st of the month, which means catering businesses can get off to a flying start this spring. Roast dinners take centre stage at Easter but that doesn’t mean you should be dishing the usual Sunday norm. Try some unique cuts and joints, the freshest and latest inseason veg, stupendous stuffing, mountainous Yorkshire puddings and, of course, glorious gravies. Our range of seasonings, flours, gravy granules, cooking wines, stocks, mustards and sauces never fail when it comes to pushing flavour up and keeping costs down.